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back in the saddle….for now……

img_7048i have been gone a pretty good clip of time.  i have lots of words and pictures that need posted and communicated.  one thing i have learned about me, is that i have a story for everything.  LOL…i guess i am a story teller.  except the stories are all true.  no made up stories.  i don’t have that gift.

while i have been taking pictures, i haven’t posted many.  i might try to catch up a bit, or i might let it go. but for now, here is the latest post i have done.

i met this little family while i was working at the birthing center.  i did love the job there.  i loved meeting all the new families and the growing families.

we connected together on the day they came to get a sonogram to find out what they were having.  they were planning a reveal that was so cute!  they found out and were sooooo excited they were having a baby girl.  they planned their reveal and then came in to the birth center to show us the video of it all.

img_6994the love this couple have for each other is palpable.  the excitement they have for their baby girl was so contagious.  every time they came in for pre-natals or adjustments with the chiropractor, we would chat and laugh and catch up.  they bought a new home to ready their growing family and were so committed to the process of doing what it takes to make room for each other and their new baby.  img_7047

their baby was born right before i was let go from the center and we had talked about me taking pictures of their newborn.  as time does, it slipped by us, since i wasn’t seeing them every week for their visits.

we managed to carve out some time during the holidays to take some pictures and we had so much fun seeing each other and catching up and me getting to see baby girl.  img_7055

i love the connections god allows me to make….some to have for a short time and some for longer seasons and some for life.  i am grateful for these precious people and hope they are in my life for the long haul.


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it’s like looking in a mirror {sorta}

I LOVE taking this family’s pictures! I first took their pictures when they had 6 children and the youngest THEN was about 6 months old. its been a while:) they now have nine children–6 girls and 3 boys–just like us!  They are precious children.–ok–the mom and dad must be pretty good themselves to have such sweet spirited kids.

We had a challenge with the weather, but time is getting slim on getting these done for Christmas.  So.  We braved the cold and misty afternoon and I shot fast–we got in the car between places to warm up and shot some more.

It was even the littlest guy’s birthday!  He turned one and he sure has the hearts of his brothers and sisters!

It is so fun to see another family the mirrors my own….

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patty + todd

i had the wonderful privilege of taking this sweet new couples first christmas pictures! and i say first, because they have only been married a WEEK!!!!

we had to change our original times due to the wind and cold.  its a good thing, because it was still windy and cold but so much better than the day before!

i have known patty for several years.  we go to church together and have served together at different ministry opportunities.  i hadn’t met todd til today, but wow…she got a good one!  and.  i have to say….so did he!

what a sweet precious couple!  but…shhhhhhh….these pictures are for christmas gifts, so keep it quiet that you saw them here!  i sure don’t want to spoil anyone’s christmas!  and if you do get one of these pictures…just act surprised.  :)

Cyndy - November 29, 2011 - 4:19 am

Your work just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with this precious couple!

ginny - November 29, 2011 - 4:35 am

Thank you, Cyndy! That means more than you know!

Christy H - November 29, 2011 - 4:52 am

Love these pictures of Todd and Patty!

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brittney & travis

i had the privilege of taking engagement pictures of a niece of one of my high school girl friends.  actually my friend’s sister wasn’t far behind us and this is her daughter.  growing up in a small town, we pretty much knew everyone.  i guess because i have slept since high school and am a bit gray around the edges..i had forgotten all the cousins that were connected, too.  so, the bride has connections to MANY people i knew in high school and will be celebrating this marriage with them.  how fun is THAT?????

but now.  brittney and travis.  such a sweet, beautiful couple!  the wind really gave us a run for our money and brittney’s mom, johnna had her hands full with keeping hair down, dresses down and over all things in order.

brittney stressed to me that she wanted pictures where they were both looking at the camera {at the same time} and both smiling.  soooo……we met in downtown grapevine and made the rounds around town.  we worked poor travis into hunger exhaustion. he was.ready. to. go. when we were done.

while we were walking around, travis got so excited…he had seen an ‘international’ truck and told us his grand dad had an international dealership (travis–did I say that right??) ….you could tell it was very special to him.  so we got a picture of them with this big truck, that was actually running at this time and then later on, we found another international truck. how special for them!

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a great time with my kids…..

i got to spend the evening with my 2 oldest kids…one has been mine for almost 27 years and one has been mine for about 2 weeks:)

they are leaving next week for their honeymoon to central america and we decided to try to get some ‘couple’ pictures done before too much time had passed since their wedding.  we drove out to their new house and had dinner (they were brave to fix for all 7 of us that were able to go)….they were getting dressed to go out (1o2 degrees) and get these pics done when i realized i forgot to put a memory card in the camera.  what a stressful situation.  they live in–not just no where, but no where’s no where.  i had to drive almost to oklahoma to get one and was so afraid i was gonna miss the best light for the night.

we ended up making it work out…and really well, i thought!  here are just a few of my favorites….they are actually ALL my favorites:)

kathryn - July 20, 2011 - 12:55 am


ginny - July 20, 2011 - 1:10 am

Thank you, Kathryn! I figured out who you were by your email address :-)

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